Rudolph Ampofo

Founder - Craft Education

Rudolph is a dedicated educator working with schools and parents to support children with ongoing behaviour and learning challenges like autism. Rudolph co-founded Wings for Life Ghana, a behaviour therapy centre in Kumasi that has supported more than 200 families with children with autism over the last ten years.

He also co-founded an impact-driven organisation dedicated to making behaviour therapy and special needs education support access easy and affordable for African families through messaging technology. Rudolph’s organisation, Craft Education, tested a therapy solution, Hunu, for parents and teachers of children with autism at the height of COVID-19 and immediately impacted the lives of 231 families in only six months.

After being recognised as the best innovation in education in Africa by the African Union and a promising solution by, Rudolph and Craft Education are looking to reduce the time it takes for African families to find certified therapy programs and become companions to parents and teachers in Africa.

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