Priscilla Afriyie Abban

Clinical Director, The Mind Bridge Learning centre

Priscilla is a highly qualified and dedicated professional in the field of applied
behavior analysis (ABA) with a wealth of experience and expertise. Her
academic background in psychology and sociology, coupled with her practical
experience as a Board-Certified Autism Technician (BCAT), provides her with a
solid foundation for her work in supporting individuals with autism and related
developmental disorders.

Her additional certifications in Montessori education further enhance her
ability to provide inclusive and effective interventions for children of varying
abilities. Her commitment to ongoing professional development, as evidenced
by her pursuit of the International Behavior Analyst (IBA) certification and her
participation in training sessions for parents, caregivers, and teachers,
underscores her dedication to staying abreast of the latest research and best
practices in the field.

Priscilla’s extensive experience working with clients across a wide age range
demonstrates her versatility and adaptability as a practitioner. Her emphasis
on consistency and her ability to tailor interventions to meet each child’s
unique needs are essential components of effective therapy outcomes.

Moreover, Priscilla’s passion for making a positive impact on children’s lives is
evident in her approach to therapy, which focuses on fostering a nurturing and
supportive environment while building strong relationships with both children
and their families. Her background as a school facilitator and expertise in
prompt intervention in speech therapy further enrich her skill set, enabling her
to address a broad range of developmental challenges comprehensively.

Her personal experience as a mother of three beautiful girls adds an extra layer
of empathy and understanding to her approach, making her an even more
compassionate and effective practitioner.

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