Lynn McCann

Founder - Reachout ASC

Lynn McCann, of Reachout ASC, has been an autism specialist teacher for 20 years and in the last 10 years also advocated for ADHD and PDA young people.

She has written 5 books for teachers, many articles, and speaks at national conferences such as the Autism Show in the UK.

The Reachout ASC team’s passion is bringing the voices of autistic, ADHD and PDA young people into the education field so we can learn from them, and what works for them. We are a team of 6 specialist teachers, a specialist teaching assistant and autistic employees.

We do training with parents, carers, social workers, churches, business leaders and student teachers. We have partnered with the anti-bullying charity, Kidscape UK, and with Widgit symbols to produce Social Stories. We are currently writing sensory and social stories to go with a Primary RE curriculum with the Blackburn Diocese. The team produce many free resources and articles on our website

We also have an online training platform which produces easy to access CPD accredited training on many autism related courses. This is called The Ability Bridge

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