Dr Mabel Oti-Boadi

Senior Lecturer - Department of Psychology, University of Ghana

Mabel Oti-Boadi holds a PhD in Psychology and a Senior Lecturer at the Department of
Psychology, University of Ghana. She is a fellow with the Fox International Fellowship at Yale
University and the Center for Suicide and Violence Research-Ghana (CSVR). Dr. Oti-Boadi is
also a fellow with the Pan-African Gender Integration Platform (Pa-Gip fellow) at Gender
Malaria Policy and Advocacy Project-Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy. She is also an
affiliate with the Center for Gender Studies and Advocacy and the Center for Ageing Studies,
University of Ghana.

Dr. Oti-Boadi’s research primarily focuses on the impact of parenting and family dynamics on
the well-being of individuals regardless of age and ability. She has published in peer reviewed
journals in the areas of dynamics of parenting children with special needs and adolescent
mental health. Dr Mabel Oti-Boadi is a philanthropist and has a passion to promote the welfare
and mental health of vulnerable groups in the Ghanaian society.

Dr. Oti-Boadi is also a licensed Clinical Psychologist who works with individuals, couples
and families on a variety of issues towards mental development. She is the immediate past
National Treasurer of the Ghana Psychological Association (GPA) and the current National
Treasurer for the Ghana Association for Suicide Prevention (GASP).

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