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SEN SHOW 2018 will feature a Multisensory Corner, Conference Hub, Exibitors Area, Exploration Stand and much more.


Multisensory Corner by Mike Ayres Design


Conference Hub will have speakers from leading professionals in Ghana, UK and abroad. Speakers, not able to travel to Ghana will connect to Conference via Video Link.

Some of the main speakers include:

  • Professor Ben Baidoo (Head of Neurology, Korlebu teaching Hospital, Accra GHANA. Also leading Autism professional)

  • Mrs Hannah Otoo (Co-founder of REYO Paddock School)

    Together with husband Richard Otoo, set up the REYO Foundation and REYO Paddock School in Ghana.

    She is a member of the board and head of the strategic team, ensuring that services in Ghana are up to date with new techniques in the UK and outside world.

    She is a mum of two and parent of a child with severe autism. After gaining a lot of experience through studying various aspects of special needs education, she always aspired to help other families facing similar challenges as her. She loves being creative and currently her favorite job is taking part in designing special needs packages at REYO Paddock School and helping special needs adults create and set up their own businesses.


Becky Lyddon founder of SENSORY SPECTACLE

Originally from the field of Graphic Design, I was captivated by the autistic sensory world whilst working in a centre in West London that supports children and young people with complex health needs and disabilities.

Throughout the 7 years I worked there, I set up a sensory toy library, qualified as a regional Makaton tutor & trained the staff to support sensory needs of the children. My experience and understanding of Sensory Processing Difficulties (SPD) inspired me to educate the public on how people with SPD may experience their surroundings and thus Sensory Spectacle was born.


Paddock School is an Outstanding Special School in London, UK and partners the REYO paddock School, GHANA.

Video presentation showing features of an up to datespecial learning environment and NEW techniques used in their UK School to support children with special needs.

Karim Esmail - Co founder of DYNAMO MATHS

DYNAMO MATHS Award winning software for school children with Dyscalculia, Dyslexia and learning difficulties

Presentation by Ghanaian Parents on success stories and difficulties in finding the right school for their children

Difficulties with Inclusion and supporting children with Autism, Dyslexia, specific learning difficulties, behavior, etc within the regular school environment.